... and  she was a light unto herself...

...and  she was a light unto herself...

Facing Ourselves

In these largely silent one & multi-day retreats, experientially we make contact with the fiber of our being. Silence is a medium in which  pure presence is experienced. It is a medium through which habit patterns that may be consciously or unconsciously running the show are identified.

From the ground of stillness within we grow the capacity to remain with the breath, with the body,  This practice is a tool that sharpens & strengthens our awareness & ultimately allows us to make contact with and stay in the present moment more. The ability to stay in the present moment-initially by using the body & breath as a tool-fosters  space that allows us to bear witness to mental habit patterns that may not be serving us (judgement, projection onto self, other, & life, fear, self-doubt, lack of trust, impatience, intolerance, constant need for planning & controlling, inability to be with the unknown,discomfort with uncertainty, etc). It teaches us to remain in contact with our being instead of creating mental noise—mental noise that layers upon itself obscuring & marring our exquisite ultimate Truth.

Our capacity to remain strengthens upon itself like a muscle, stretching our ability to recognize patterns not serving us and to be with what is uncomfortable, be that mental, emotional, or physical. When we're able to remain in contact within instead of running with knee-jerk reactive habit patterns we have access to a vast well-spring of love, abundance, and strength that can serve as our source, our support. The powerful vastness that is the essence of our being can serve as source for the parts of us that still contract with fear, doubt, and negativity. We become a signpost unto ourselves as we discover our exquisite eternal nature experientially.

A wise person once said, what we pay attention to grows

As we strengthen the capacity to stay in the present moment, what is vast & eternal within reveals itself more and more as the layers of mental noise eventually obscure the looking glass of our perception less and less. Glimmers of our sparkling essence arises from a deafening stillness within reminding us of our Truth. Eventually our being remembers itself as it dissolves into a vast boundary-less, direction-less orientation-less stillness that is exquisite, brilliant, and eternal. We are the alchemists we’ve been waiting for. This exquisite ground of true nature can become our foundation of support & guidance if we allow it. 

To experientially realize this truth about ourselves, these mental patterns-many of which are largely unconscious-require illumination to become transparent and no longer obscure Truth and our experience of it. It is the light of our own presence that ultimately does the illuminating, the revealing. Our presence--that which is there when the thinking mind falls silent and ultimately underlies all that is-- is contiguous with this truth, whether we're consciously aware of it or not. Ultimately, it teaches us that there is not only no such thing as self & other, but that there is no separation between self & the eternal. Those boundaries are mind-made. The vast ocean from which we arise is the same ocean within. When we have access to that we have access to the unbridled peace, joy, love, trust & depth of experience that accompanies it, regardless of what is unfolding in the material world. As we remember this about ourselves, it can serve as an immense foundation of support on which to move through this life. 

In these one-day & multi-day retreats, we strengthen the ability to be with our being through mindfulness training and other exercises. The gifts of the present moment are not known through the thinking mind. You can read in a book how to swim in the water, but you cannot swim in the water unless you get into the water and learn to swim. The stronger our ability to swim, the less likely we are to sink in stormy seas. Mental knowledge remains just that. By taking quiet time for ourselves, we come to experientially know ourselves in a way that can easily be drowned out by the noise of our busy lives.

Let us explore This. Human. Life.

I attended Facing Ourselves: Invitation to Intimacy one-day retreat with no idea what to expect. I left with a new persepctive about myself and a nudge to let go of my fear and reconnect with my body. I had a miscarriage two years ago and since then have felt broken and unable to let go of the anger that I feel towards my body for letting me down. Through Molly’s teachings, I realized that the only way to get unstuck and continue moving through my grief is to find acceptance within myself, learn to forgive myself and my body, and reconnect with the present.
— ML Longmont, CO