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Molly is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner who received her master’s degree from Regis University. She brings over twenty years of healthcare experience to her practice including Cardiology/Telemetry, Urgent Care, Emergency Room, and Student Health.

Molly began her dedicated meditation training in 2002. She is a Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor. Her passion is a partnership with patients that serves as a foundation for deep self-inquiry, and the cultivation of tools that serves the journey of healing. This integrative approach to psychological suffering includes diet, lifestyle, addressing trauma and habitual mental patterns, mindfulness, microbiome (gut) functioning, and chronic stress remediation. Her practice is limited to those willing to play an active role in their healing, not merely seeking medication-only treatments. Ketamine Assisted Treatment is a modality by which to impact destructive habit patterns of the mind and form new neural pathways that support the psychotherapeutic healing of trauma and suffering.

Presently Molly provides Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy here:

Molly is an award-winning author/writer who has lived in Colorado since 1997. Her passions include surfing, dancing, hiking, yoga, silence, writing, and the unfurling, ever-expansive journey of Self-remembering.