Spiritual & Wellness Consultant


As a spiritual & wellness consultant I partner with individuals and groups on the journey to deeper connection and understanding within. By exploring mental and emotional habit patterns, patterns of reactivity to discomfort, and other factors that can obscure the experience of our vast eternal nature, we develop greater capacity and a more encompassing reality. That which emanates from the truth within can serve as a solid foundation of support as we navigate the journey of life. It lends more clarity, peace, ease, creativity, trust, and overall well-being. I support you as you polish the tools to gain insight into your own vast eternal nature, ignite and grow your capacity, trust yourself & your inner compass, and draw from the powerful well-spring of wisdom and abundance that abides already within. We also work with physical aspects of wellness such as nutrition and movement.

This partnership is for anyone so inclined, and includes those who experience:

~self doubt that holds you back
~a desire for greater intimacy and connection with self and other
~fear of the unknown
~discomfort with uncertainty
~feelings of anxiety or unease
~a strong need to plan or be busy
~difficulty speaking your truth
~needing to please others/support others at your detriment
~a sense of deflation under the weight of other’s stories about you
~feeling inadequate
~lack of trust or support
~blaming others for your pain, your situation
~lack of vitality or inspiration
~feeling stuck

I meet you where you are and offer authentic intimate communication as well as a healing presence to those ready to delve deeply. Results of this partnership include a greater sense of self-knowing, self-confidence, acceptance, trust, feeling self-supported, well-being, ease, access to the eternal within. We meet in person, over skype, or via telephone. Email molly@mollykatebrown.com for inquiries or pricing.

This partnership is not a medical consultation, nor is it a substitute for medical care. I will not be giving medical advice in this partnership. For medical advice you will need to consult your primary care provider.

About Me


~ Longtime practitioner of mindfulness that includes meditation and other effective healing modalities. Participated in one or more ten day silent meditation retreats yearly since 2002. 

~ Twenty years of healthcare experience caring intimately for the health & well-being of others. Continues to work as a Nurse Practitioner.

~Journeyed back from a life-altering, disabling health opportunity (illness) in 2007. The journey back to wellness has included deep introspection, meditation, opening, plants and herbs as medicine, exploration of different diets, western medicine, and many alternative/natural modalities such as holotropic breathwork, acupuncture, and a polishing of the temple of the body and the sacred presence that abides within.

~Student of shamanic practices