Molly Kate Brown (Mali) is the award-winning author of Learning to Walk in India: A Love Story. She is the Wellness Columnist and Feature Writer for Guide to Spiritual Living Magazine, and has been featured on Thrive Global. Her second book is in progress.

Molly is a transformational guide whose presence is a mirror for remembering the alchemical source within. It is this source—the eternal ground of all-that-is-or-ever-will-be— that yields transformation, understanding, and therefore spiritual, emotional, and physical healing (all one and the same). When the veil is thin the mind-made structures of duality dissolve, and personal and collective healing occur.

Since 2002 Molly has attended one or more yearly ten-day (and longer) silent meditation retreats. Her deepest inspiration arises from the eternal ground of silence and stillness within (that ultimately underlies and gives rise to all-that-is). She is a Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor who has led various heartfelt mindfulness & meditation retreats, including bringing meditation to the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility.

Meditation and other modalities that illuminate the inner landscape have guided her alchemical journey of thinning the veil between her expression as wave and the rest of the vast ocean.

Molly is a Holistic Family Nurse Practitioner who has been taking care of patients since 1997 ( Having suffered a life-altering “health opportunity” in 2007, she is well-versed in a spectrum of healing modalities including Mind-Body Medicine, Food as Medicine, Energy Healing, Gut/Microbiome Health, and other holistic approaches that she’s employed in her own healing journey.

Molly is available for transformational guidance, life & wellness coaching, individual or group retreat work, individual or group meditation guidance, speaking engagements, and expert wellness consultation. Email molly (at) with inquiries.