Winner of 5 book awards including  the 2017 Soul-Bridge Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards of Europe for the Category of Inspiration

Learning to Walk in India is an achievement in skill and courage, reflecting a unique sort of emotional generosity from author Molly Kate Brown. Her adventures in India are described in a manner that fills up the reader’s perceptive senses and awakens spiritual ones as well. I devoured this book in two evenings and was saddened to put it down at its conclusion. With many thanks to the author for a deeper understanding of myself, my family, and my universe. I am hopeful for her next contribution to my list of mustreads.
— Cullen D Speckhart, JD
As an author of 17 books, and a teacher of memoir writing, I count Molly Kate Brown’s Learning to Walk in India: A Love Story among my top five reads. I laughed, cried, cheered, and worried with her, unable to put the book down. The story itself is a fascinating account of resilience, love, and the outrageous spiritual and material contrasts that are Mother India. Molly is an accomplished writer, bringing the sights, smells, and cacophony of India alive as few can. Her inner journey is just as compelling as the outer one-a trip into the heart of darkness and the unsullied presence of light. Molly’s voice is so compellingly authentic that reading her memoir feels like being in India by her side. Any one reading this book inadvertently soaks up a dose of love and courage that can’t help but enrich their own life.
— Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. New York Times Bestselling author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind
This beautiful book will touch your heart and inspire you to see your own challenges as a transformational grand adventure. The wisdom Molly delivers through her story is wisdom for all of us.
— Amy B. Scher, author of THIS IS HOW I SAVE MY LIFE
Learning to Walk in India: A Love Story truly embodies the excellence and high value of spiritual message to the world that our award was created to celebrate.
— Soul-Bridge Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards of Europe
From the moment I started reading this book, I was entranced. Molly Kate shares her journey with courage, vulnerability, and brilliance. Her writing excited my imagination, and her bravery and insight made me want to be her friend.
— Sarah McLean, author of Soul-Centered and The Power of Attention
Brown’s story swells with the triumph of the human spirit.
— Science of Mind, Guide for Spiritual Living Magazine
An evocative travelogue ... a touching chronicle peppered with humor and raw honesty ... an often inspiring account
— Kirkus Review

Unraveling and alone in India, newlywed Molly Brown is forced to traverse her inner landscape with new eyes while navigating a culture so different from her own in Boulder, Colorado. When a life-altering illness brings her to her knees at age thirty-two, Molly’s long-held dream to travel solo through India is shattered, giving way to a journey of another kind. Set against the vivid sensuality of India’s sounds, colors, smells, and nuanced contours, Learning to Walk in India is a true tale of love, loss, friendship, and the power of the human spirit. Told with unflinching honesty, Molly’s raw and often humorous account takes us on her wild, unforgettable ride as she surrenders to India, to her herself, and ultimately to the unknown, as she learns to walk again.


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