Life Dance

This morning I was reminded about dancing fluidly with life.

 I saw that I’d begun to get ahead of myself in a future goal-oriented kind of way … my energy, my life-force jumping ahead of me in that patterned brain response of goal-orientation.

It was brilliant when I realized this. And I took a deep breath.

When I go about things that way, the spontaneity, the vibrancy, and the richness are lost to me. I’m no longer able to experience the fullness of life--its textured, undulating, spontaneous, effulging, aliveness.

Bring it back, I remind myself. Here and now is where it already is. There is never actually a future. Only now. And how I engage with now determines the quality of the nows to come. Now is the sum-total of all of the nows that have come before. What seeds am I sewing?

I’d rather all of me show up to dance fluidly with life as she moves through me--feel her breath on my neck, experience her essence vibrating and pulsing within every atom of my being, behold her wild musings, her delightful whispers, move with her, be still with her. I'd rather let her lead, let her show me the way.

This. Human. Life.