Home is a boundless place in your heart. It sands the sharp edges soft. Makes the impossible possible. It opens a window when the door is slammed in your face. It shines light in an otherwise black night. It turns fear and hate into understanding and sincere compassion.

Nurture it. Care for it. Don't neglect it. While it never goes away, it is harder to access through weeds gone wild. It is much easier to open the door that has never been sealed shut. It feels better to walk into a room that is polished and  free from clutter and decay. So much nicer to lie on a bed not riddled with thorns. It is self made, and self-destroyed. It takes merely an ounce of faith to bridge the gap between you and it, a drop of persistence to place one foot in front of the other right over that bridge. Only the decision to begin again. Right now.