Happy Father's Day


Happy Father’s day, Fathers. 

May your strength, support, power, courage, generosity of spirit, compassion, wisdom, and vast capacity for love help us breathe into creation the world of unconditional kindness that teeter’s on the verge of existence.

The world where we move more slowly to pause and look deeply into the eyes of other, experiencing there our own eternal nature. 

The world where we care more deeply about one another, because we’ve blown through the self-limiting beliefs about ourselves, other, the world, and existence that keep our hearts chained to the notion of separate, and actualized our Oneness. 

The world where we See. Each. Other. 

The world where our hearts and hands extend willingly to the disenfranchised and to those reeling from the grief of fear-based brutality that their people endure/ed in the name of our freedom. 

The world where that generations-old fear no longer causes us to distrust and dislike one another, instead of sitting down and speaking to one another like the human family that we are.

The world where we perceive Mother Earth and all of her creatures as the exquisitely wise teachers that they are. 

May you not only help teach our children this, but teach us as well. May the support of the ancestors protect and guide your powerful unconditional hearts. Our survival depends on it.

Happy Father’s Day, indeed.

With love and reverence,