Nothing to Figure Out


    All that ever exists is this present moment. Right now. In this present moment there is nothing to figure out. The present needs no justification, no tweaking, and no explanation. If we’re able to settle into this present moment fully, information that is called for in any given situation can organically arise to meet it, thereby eliminating the need for stressful face-contorting-analysis that keeps us weighted and contracted. We can rest in situations with a fluidity and ease that is not present when we are trying so hard to “figure it all out.” Trying so hard to figure it out keeps us tethered to a future that doesn’t ever exist. If we can’t meet the present moment as it is, we’re missing out on the nectar, the balm, the clarity we’re trying so hard to invoke. Opening to the brilliant fluid dynamism that is now allows outrageous possibilities we never could have conjured up on our own. It requires trust and a willingness to stay. Don’t let the dead-end of discomfort with not-knowing—with uncertainty—be a barrier to this magnificence.