Trust that when it is time for the next step, that foot-place will be illuminated. It is not necessary to see the entirety of the path ahead. Sometimes it is a step of action, of doing. Sometimes the step isn’t a step at all, but a place of gentle abiding in the potent alchemical germination that occurs in the darkness, under the surface. This is a place of great patience, of resting in what may feel like uncertainty. For the seed to become a sprout that becomes a great strong tree, this resting-in, this abiding, is essential. Don’t discount the stand-still or grasp haphazardly in response to the discomfort that not-knowing, or uncertainty, can bring. This can  obscure the guidance. Rest in the unknown like the fertile ground of potential that it is. The medicine is here. Pure abiding presence fertilizes the deep, rich, dark soil. Trust.

    The illumination is the step that pulls your heart toward it, the one that inspires you, has your being feeling a whole body yes. It isn’t the one that leaves you feeling contracted within. The sharper the awareness, the louder and clearer the intuition, or illumination. The cleaner and more-tended the temple of the body, the more apparent the illumination. This is simply how it is. That guiding inner compass is there. Visualize a path in a dense forest on a dark night. When it is time for the next step, that foot-place will illumine itself if one is in attendance.

    The trusting, the patiently abiding in the unknown, the uncertainty, that is the invitation. The inquiry. The practice. Go deep within. It is from there that the what-is and what’s-to-be emerges.