Thank You

I've never been into mantras. I've never had one, and never felt the need to.

I recently heard a story about Moojiji speaking to a woman. She was kind-of rigid and not entirely receptive to him. He began to say something about a mantra and she apparently cut him off, indicating that she didn't like mantras. 

He asked her if he could finish his sentence. He went on to say that the only mantra he ever needed was "thank you." Putting his hands in front of his heart, bowing slightly, and uttering "thank you." I was deeply moved by that. 

I've never wanted or felt the need to have a mantra. Uttering "thank you" as many times a day as I can feels so right. 

Thank you, life. Thank you, earth. Thank you, family. Thank you friends. Thank you plants and animals. Thank you to anyone who has ever shown me kindness. Thank you anyone who has ever shown me negativity, as you are my teacher too. Thank you water. Thank you black tea. Thank you mountains. Thank you ocean. Thank you waves. Thank you sea turtles and dolphins and whales. Thank you house and bed. Thank you sun and moon and stars and breeze. Thank you wildflowers gently swaying. Thank you, beloved husband of mine. Thank you for the opportunity, all-that-is-and-ever-will-be, to manifest into being, to have a chance to dance here on this earth, in this wild ride we call life. I feel your beauty. I trust, and feel your support, your unconditionality. The love. Oh the love ...

Thank you.

This. Human. Life.