Mirror Within

Eternity hums in me.

 It’s in the fading song of the crickets,

 in the whisper of the whippoorwill,

 in the cooing of doves,

 in the loon’s haunting cry.

 At times it crashes through me as though waves on a shore.

 It draws my insides out, turns them on themselves.

 Until I become clear like sky.

 Vast. Unbridled.

 It shows me my reflection in its still mirror.

 I see only what I want to see.

 Kindness, sadness, abundance, love, compassion, wisdom …

 they’re all there.

 I am source.

No longer can I pretend it is any other way.

It lives through me.

I kneel down before you, altar within.

 I yield to your stillness, your silent presence.

 For a second.  A minute.  A lifetime.

 You self perpetuate my Self.